torsdag 4 december 2014

Kayaking in Taupo with Sweden Bella

21-23/11 Team Murumuru Limited went to the Ruahine FEI race, four of our horses walked proudly on the new horse truck ready for the race and the team looked just as happy when they drove from the farm. The kids and I stayed to look after the farm. 
We took a day trip to Whanganui to see "Planes 2 - Fire and rescue" at the cinema, it was really good.
I cant longer count how many times I have seen "Planes" since I came, the kids just love the Planes movies! We were lucky because it was the big Christmas parade in Whanganui the same day.
When I was traveling here to New Zealand I meet this Swedish girl Bella on London Heathrow ariport. We were both changing plane to Hong Kong. We started talking and you know how small the world is when you meet a girl on a airport that is from the same small town as you, and now to the funny part, she actually applied for my job here in New Zealand. She was now heading to Australia instead. A few weeks ago I got an email from Bella, She was now backpacking in New Zealand. So last thursday on my day of I meet her up in Taupo to spend the weekend with her. We visited the natural hot springs in Taupo and had a really hot bath. I only had Thursday, saturday and sunday of so she came with me to the farm on thursday night.           

On friday it was time for the 20 years celebration of Maori Culture Festival in Raetihi. The event encourages all surrounding schools and early childhood educators to come together at Raetihi School to celebrate the Maori language through kapa haka and preforming arts. So Bella came with me and the kids to Raetihi to see the show. 
Sacha had been training really hard to dance in the show with the other kids from school and she was really excited! The girls were wearing black dresses and skirts made out of horse hair. Their hair was in a bun, with two green feathers and on their chins they had painted tattoos. The boys had a kind of grass kilts and were painted on their face and some on their upper body. 
I am so happy that I get the opportunity to be here and experience the culture from another angle than the "normal tourist". I am so proud over you Sacha!      

On Saturday morning we headed back to Taupo, and I can soon call myself a professional sheep herder with car, try to pass like 2000 sheep running on the road in front of the car.. it's not that easy!
And when we passed Turangi we ended up in the middle of Taupo Cycle Challenge, a 160 km bike race around lake Taupo with 20,000 racers. Well in Taupo we went kayaking. I can definitely recommend kayaking there, so nice! We kayaked down the river towards the Huka Falls, so we passed under the Taupo Bungyjup. We saw two persons jump and it looks so amazing! Next time I hope its less windy so I can go the half day tour to the Maori Rock Carvings and do the bungyjump. We stayed the night at the YHA hostel, so we had a well-earned dinner and some vine at the Waterside Restaurant. We got a tip about a bar with live bands, so after a amazing dinner we went there to have a beer. 

Thanks for a great weekend Bella!      

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  1. Hej på dig.
    Härliga upplevelser du delar med dig av -tack.
    Här lackar det mot jul och tomtarna är redan på plats...
    Ta hand om dig. Kramar från oss.